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A Smart Design of Flexibility Markets – the essential piece of the DSO puzzle

Kris Kessels - Vito Senior Researcher Energy markets
Kris Kessels
VITO – EnergyVille, Senior Researcher Energy markets

Distribution grids are facing new challenges, as more intermittent renewable generation is being integrated, resulting in altered power flows and voltage stability issues. Moreover, on the demand side, further electrification of heating (e.g. heat pumps) and transport (electric mobility) is expected to create additional burden at other moments for the grid if a traditional “fit-and-forget” strategy would be followed.

These assets however also offer opportunities: they can be part of the solution if their flexibility is exploited and integrated into the energy system and market in a smart and coordinated manner.

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Market-based redispatch – Why it works!

Market-based redispatch – Why it works!

NODES, a EUniversal Project partner, as made available a report on market based redispatch in the distribution grid .

UMEI – EUniversal key innovation factor

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