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  • EUniversal Workshop 2022
    EUniversal held its second annual workshop. The objective was to inform its main stakeholders about the work that the consortium has been developing, in a hybrid session that brought together some team members at E-REDES premises in the city of Porto, while others participated remotely.

  • EUniversal at E-REDES event on Flexibility
    EUniversal was one of the 10 European projects debating the “Real progress along the road to Flexibility” – an event powered by E-REDES. The agenda highlighted the contribution of 10 on going European projects, many of them in which the Company participates, focusing on the theme “Real progress along the road to Flexibility”, also with the presence of a representative of the European Commission.

  • EUniversal on EU Projects Zone Podcast
    EUniversal was invited to a fruitfully conversation with Areti Ntaradimou after our presence on the Enlit Europe EU Projects Zone. In this episode of The EU Projects Zone Podcast, Areti Ntaradimou finds out more about the EUniversal project from Pedro Marques, EUniversal Project coordinator.

  • New article “The coordinated use of flexibility solutions will improve the security and sustainability of the grid”
    Torsten Knop – E.ON – Head of European Regulation – has written as opinion article addressing the need of the coordinated use of flexibility solutions, regarding the improvement of the security and sustainability of the grid.

  • 2nd International Advisory Board meeting
    The 2nd International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting of EUniversal project was held online. With more than 40 participants, the main purpose of this session was to present to the IAB members the overall status of the project as well as discuss with them the main achievements accomplished so far.

  • Other news & documents
    new deliverables available for download:
    D8.1 – Specifications and guidelines of tools for an Active LV grid for field testing
    D10.2 – Methodology and scenarios for the EUniversal Scalability and Replicability Analysis
    D10.3 – Regulatory recommendations for flexibility options and markets
    D3.3 – System-level assessment framework for the quantification of available flexibility for enabling new grid services

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