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Project Description

EUniversal aims to implement the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI) concept and develop solutions to ensure effective implementation of an interoperable flexibility ecosystem across Europe.

A Universal Approach

The EUniversal project, funded by the European Union, aims to develop a universal approach on the use of flexibility by Distribution System Operators (DSO) and their interaction with the new flexibility markets, enabled through the development of the concept of the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI) – a unique approach to foster interoperability across Europe.

The UMEI represents an innovative, agnostic, adaptable, modular and evolutionary approach that will be the basis for the development of new innovative services, market solutions and, above all, implementing the real mechanisms for active consumer, prosumer, and energy community’s participation in the energy transition.


A three-fold approach lays down the foundation for this implementation:

All these new capabilities will be implemented and tested in three multi-scale DEMOs to demonstrate their universality.

The specification of UMEI and of flexibility services will support future system operation standards towards the implementation of flexibility markets.

These best practices are expected to be replicated across Europe towards a citizen-centric energy system.

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A Universal Impact

The UMEI is an interoperable interface that will easily integrate, in an open and safe environment, DSOs, market agents as well as TSOs needs and solutions.

In this way an effective, market-based and future-proof ecosystem can be realized.

euniversal impact

  • develop a flexibility toolbox, identifying the technologies and systems (e.g. multi-energy carriers, microgrid, virtual power plants) most suitable to provide flexibility services to the distribution grid and mapping their availability at various grid locations and timescales;
  • link standardized flexibility services with, i.e. product specifications;
  • develop flexibility assessment tools, capable of quantifying flexibility available in the different network locations to provide the specified services.

  • Enhance flexibility of distribution grids which are expected to operate in an overall context of 50% electricity production from renewables in 2030
  • Contribute for a well-functioning electricity market which creates business case for stakeholders willing to provide such flexibility and allow to sustain the necessary investments
  • Improve the capability to manage future energy loads including electrical vehicles
  • Guarantee security of supply and the use of flexibility products while integrating large shares of variable renewables avoiding unnecessary investments by solving congestion

EUniversal Consortium Partners Map

EUniversal is formed by a well-balanced set of partners, with proven experience and differentiated roles.

The consortium, led by EDP Distribuição, brings together 18 partners from 7 different European countries providing a multi-stakeholder approach that covers the whole value chain of energy systems: DSOs, R&D centres specialised in the technology applied in the solutions, industrial suppliers for smart grids, aggregators, market platform operators, technology integrators, ICT developers.

Project start: february 2020    Project closure: july 2023    Project Budget: 9.774.227,5€