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Project Struture

EUniversal project has 12 Work Packages (WPs)

WP1 and 10 will set the scene and conclude on the achievements and future potential, respectively;
WP2-5 will develop the use cases and the interface to interlink grids and markets and will develop solutions to ensure effective implementation;
WP6-9 will provide real evidence on the feasibility of the concept and its implementation across Europe;
WP11 and WP12 are cross-cutting WPs, as they will ensure dissemination and communication (including BRIDGE initiative interaction) and Project Management, respectively.

And a a consulting body, to ensure an external and independent view of the project results, replicability and scalability.

The work developed is closely followed by an International Advisory Board composed by external experts with strong experience in the field, that provides guidance on the main arising issues, playing a key consulting role in the project.

Project Timeline

Preview the Project Milestones
  • WP1

    the consortium will set a common framework in terms of policy, regulation, markets, product /services, technologies and future vision under DEMOs.
  • WP2

    aims to specify, and develop a fully interoperable, adaptive, evolutive, technology neutral and replicable DSO interface for flexibility services providers, enabling the standard provision of flexibility and the uptake of existing and new market solutions
  • WP3

    will identify the technologies and systems most suitable to provide flexibility services to the distribution grid in order to develop a flexibility toolbox
  • WP4

    will revise DSO smart grid management and the control paradigm for enabling the integration of new market mechanisms and flexibility services as new assets for network planning, operation and automation schemes
  • WP5

    is dedicated to design and assess innovative market mechanisms for the procurement and activation of a selection of grid services for the DSO, led by the increase of the options to operate the distribution grid in a secure and stable manner at an affordable cost through the use of flexibility from DERs.
  • WP6

    will be the link among the different DEMOs carrying out the Demo Harmonisation, Monitoring, and Results Assessment.
  • WP7/WP8/WP9

    Demonstrating WP7-8-9 will implement and validate the different services and tools in 3 DEMOs (PT, DE, PL).
  • WP10

    will provide the basis to ensure the project results exploitation.