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The German demonstrator aims to use the flexibilities connected to the low-voltage grid for congestion management and voltage regulation. For this purpose, flexibilities are provided via an aggregator and offered on a market platform to make use of flexible resources. The aggregator supports customers in making their flexibility solutions available by virtually combining the individual units.

The system operator can then fall back on these capacities in the event of predicted grid congestion. Basis for the correct selection and integration of flexibility solutions are the UMEI standard and grid tools which are developed in the EUniversal project. In supplement, remaining flexibilities in the low-voltage grid are aggregated in the local substation in order to be able to eliminate congestions in the upstream medium-voltage grid as well.

Main Goals

  • Achieve enhanced observability – Establish the estimation and forecast of the grid state from the chosen LV Grid.
  • Aggregate and predict the flexibility potential in the LV Grid
  • Provide the flexibilities over the UMEI to two market platforms
  • Integrate the flexibilities into a scheduler‐based congestion management
  • Enabling the provision of flexibilities to LV/MV connection point and therefore to the MV Grid


Largest Distribution System Operator in Eastern Germany.

Includes parts of the federal states of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia.

> 44,000 LV grids
17.000 local substations
> 5 GVA installed capacity

EUniversal Demo Germany Map

Flex resources available in the networks

The following are possible:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • PV Systems
  • Batteries
  • Heat Pump
  • Heat Storages
  • CHPs
  • Small wind turbines

Project Timeline

The German demonstrator starts in month 6 and finishes with all its evaluations and validations in month 42 as can be seen in the picture below.
  • MS5

    Tests Start Running
  • MS10

    Tests finishing running
  • MS12

    Results Validation

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