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Our energy system will have to continue to integrate large amounts of volatile and fluctuating renewable energy, most of which is connected to the distribution grid. At the same time, more and more participants are entering the energy market. Both companies and individuals are transforming from consumers to prosumers, constantly changing roles; sometimes they need energy, sometimes they have some to spare. As a result, the system is becoming more complex, and currently far too much of this renewable energy is being wasted because the grid cannot absorb it at the right time.

The European-funded EUniversal project is tackling this challenge. Together with 18 partners from 7 European countries, E.ON and MITNETZ STROM in the German demonstrator are developing solutions to enable the integration of renewables into the energy system on a large scale. The aim is to enable grid customers to participate in flexibility markets and to provide distribution system operators (DSOs) with flexibilities for their active system management. A win-win situation for both the grid and customers.

Main Goals

  • “Flexibilities out of the region for the region” – Intelligent energy supply with local, environmentally friendly and efficient measures.
  • Testing of flexibility markets as an alternative to grid expansion
  • Active integration of consumers in congestion management and thus rewarding grid-serving behaviour instead of curtailment
  • Improved efficiency through digital systems
  • Development of algorithms for grid status analysis in grids with low metering density

Presentation of the demo leader MITNETZ STROM

As the largest distribution grid operator in eastern Germany, we manage an electricity grid that, with a length of over 73,000 km, reaches almost twice around the earth. Modern and efficient. We consistently implement legal and regulatory requirements and ensure non-discriminatory electricity grid operation for all market partners. Fair and independent. We secure the electricity supply for over 2.2 million people in Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Reliable and competent.


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Our Grid in Numbers

(Status: 31.12.2019)

What is planned for the Field Test?

  • Informative letter to residents from the pilot regions
  • Equipping cable distribution cabinets and local grid stations with sensors to improve state estimation forecasts
  • Approximately one-year field test in 2022/23 with volunteers from the pilot regions
  • Installation of a home energy management system and integration of flexible applications
  • Indication of flexibility of applications via an app or website
  • Test of the effectiveness of the local flexibility market under different scenarios

You own flexible assets such as batteries, heat storage, heat pumps or PV systems and are interested to participate in innovative topics? Then get in touch at: or via our contact form.


  • February 2020

    Kick-off EUniversal Project
  • October 2021

    Information events in the municipalities
  • November 2021

    Signing of field test contracts
  • Q1 2022

    Field Test Start
  • July 2023

    End EUniversal Project


The start of the field test is planned for the beginning of 2022 and should run for about a year. As some preparatory measures are still planned, a specific date cannot yet be given.

The field test takes place in the network area of MITNETZ STROM in cities and towns in the federal states of Brandenburg and Saxony. The citizens of the regions concerned will be informed before the start of the field test

Citizens of the pilot areas who have flexible assets such as batteries, heat pumps, electric vehicles and are interested in innovative topics can take part in the field test.

We are happy to answer any further questions at

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