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An increased number of micro‐generation systems (in case of Polish network – PV installation) can potentially result in the following problems: increase of voltage levels above the admissible values and overloads of network elements (lines and transformers).

Improving distribution grid resilient by: new innovative monitoring and control, integrated tools/systems to support grid operation and planning, new market mechanisms and services incentivizing flexibility will assure the energy supply and build a flexible market.

Main Axis of Polish Demonstration are:

  • Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI)

    A market enabling interface (UMEI), which seamlessly links active system management and market solutions through a universal, adaptable and modular approach
  • Active Management System (AMS)

    tools for distribution grid planning and operations support which guarantee security of supply and the use of flexibility products while integrating large shares of variable renewables;
  • Flexible Substation (FS) deployment

    secondary MV/LV substation for autonomous management of the connected LV network which provide and consume flexibility grid features. Algorithms for the specified FS functionality will be developed which can provide and manage such flexibility services as: control and monitoring of PV, enhanced observability of the LVnetwork;
  • Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) System

    used in ENERGA as the part of SCADA/EMS, as the source of the flexibility services, that can be offered to the TSO for 110 kV lines congestion mitigation purposes. The DEMO‐sites are assigned in complementary targets, not only in the scope of the tools and services to be tested, such as smart grid functionalities, congestion management and resiliency, amongst others, but also by providing an effective mean to demonstrate the UMEI concept.

­ Active Management System for LV network
­ New innovative FlexSubStation for improved monitoring and control LV network
­ HV line overload mitigation actions
­ Congestion management at MV & LV
­ Improve Voltage Control
­ Improve the observability of MV networks

The Polish demonstration will be conducted in Northern part of Poland including, in particular, the following areas:

  • Local Balancing Area near Hel peninsula with well‐developed MV grid automation and high number of smart meters, DERs and energy storage;
  • selected part of LV network with large shares of variable renewables supplied from selected secondary substation;
  • 110kV network as the source of flexibility services.

­ Energy storage (Li – Ion Batteries)
­ Medium and Low voltage control
­ Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)
­ Active and reactive power control

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