Deliverable 1.2 – Observatory of research and demonstration initiatives on future electricity grids and markets

Deliverable 1.2 was produced under Work Package 2 - Universal Market Enabling Interface - UMEI

February 2021
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Under the European H2020 program, the EUniversal Project has the main objective to foster the universal access of system operators to the available flexibility, mainly provided by Distributed Energy Resources (DER), through the interaction with new flexibility markets and innovative services.

With the development of solutions and services that allow the massive integration of the Distributed Generation (DG), energy storage, and the active participation of consumers, the project aims to tailor the concept of the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI).

The UMEI will look to overcome the limitations that the system operators, especially the Distribution System Operator (DSO), experience in the use of flexibilities, addressing the interlinking of electricity markets with active network management.

The aim of this deliverable is to identify and analyse a set of relevant initiatives and projects that may provide relevant inputs on three main basic topics for future project tasks:

• Flexibility needs, services and products addressed in these initiatives, as a preliminary catalogue of the needs and services definition that should come out from task T2.1. The focus is on the DSO side;
• Markets organisations proposed and tested in these initiatives for TSO and DSO to procure these flexibilities under coordinated mechanisms that will provide input to task T5.1 on market design;
• Technologies involved at the resources levels, but especially at the DSO side in terms of tools needed to integrate the existing flexibility into the planning and operating procedures of the DSO, and to interface with these flexibilities for activation and verification.

A set of 24 initiatives and projects have been selected by task T1.2 partners for this analysis, considering different types of approaches from conceptual proposals to demonstration projects.