EPRI European Workshop Week

On March 16 in Vienna, the "EPRI European Workshop Week" took place and EUniversal was involved in the "Beyond Pilots for Flexibility Services" session.

April 2023

On March 16 in Vienna, the “EPRI European Workshop Week” took place where EUniversal was present at the “Beyond Pilots for Flexibility Services” session.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) European Workshop Week brings together key stakeholders in the energy sector to find ways to address the main innovation challenges facing the grid, in the energy transition to 2050.
Carlos Damas Silva was there representing EUniversal, you can also check the presentation here.

This initiative promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas towards an integrated low carbon, safe, reliable, resilient, affordable, cost-effective and market-based pan-European energy system, supplying the entire economy and paving the way towards a fully CO2 neutral and circular economy by 2050.


The initiative also included several other relevant presentations, which can be found on the EPRI Website.

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