EUniversal @ CIRED 2020

EUniversal was represented at the first-ever online CIRED conference sharing the project main ideas with the worldwide electricity distribution community.

September 2020
EUniversal at CIRED 2020

The CIRED 2020 Berlin Workshop (22 – 23 September) focused on “How to Implement Flexibility in the Distribution System?”, with key themes:

  • Integrating new flexibility tools and principles for planning
  • Opportunities and challenges with operation using flexibility
  • Flexibility platforms and the role of future DSOs
  • Integrating flexibilities: how to bring planning and operation closer
  • How can flexibility and customers evolve in the market place?

The EUniversal poster presented the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI) as a way to unlock flexibility solutions for cost-effective management of smarter distribution grids.

The UMEI brings forward a universal, open, adaptable and modular approach to interlink active system management with electricity markets and foster the provision of flexibility services, also acknowledging the activation needs of and the coordination requirements with other commercial parties and TSOs.


Tiago Simão – EDP Distribuição, Portugal
José Terras – EDP Distribuição, Portugal
Clara Sousa – INESC TEC, Portugal
Helena Gerard – VITO, Belgium
Leonardo Meeus – Vlerick Business School, Belgium
Carmen Calpe – Innogy, Germany
Slawomir Noske – Energa, Poland
Thomas Otuszewski – EASE, Belgium
Rafael Cossent – Comillas, Spain
Florian Gonzalez – EDSO, Belgium

EUniversal Presentation

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