EUniversal project 1st International Advisory Board meeting

The 1st International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting of EUniversal project was held online with more than 40 participants.

May 2021

The 1st International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting of EUniversal project was held online with more than 40 participants.

The main purpose of this session was to present the IAB members and the overall status of the project as well as discuss with them the main achievements accomplished so far.

Luís Cunha (E-REDES) started the work session welcoming all the participants and presenting the IAB members, followed by Pedro Marques (project coordinator – E-REDES) that gave the audience a project overview on the work developed within the work packages.


The first group of presentations was dedicated to the Work Packages (WP) that had submitted deliverables:


  • WP1 – Future vision for flexible grids and well-functioning seamless electricity markets (Deliverable 1.1 and D1.2) – José Pablo Chaves, COMILLAS
  • WP2 – Universal market enabling interface – UMEI (deliverable 2.1) – João Falcão, E-REDES
  • WP3 – Flexibility solutions (deliverable 3.1) – Emin Aliyev, EASE
  • WP5 – Identification and assessment of innovative market mechanisms for DSO grid services (deliverable 5.1) – Kris Kessels, VITO


Afterwards, several questions were submitted by the IAB members and discussed with the team, namely, questions related to the specific work developed on the Deliverables.


1st IAB meeting 02


“Making a long story short, normally when we approach IT solutions like APIs we usually define a API for a certain system and then anyone who wants to connect with that system makes use of that clear rules what we are trying to do here is to be agnostic. It will not be the DSO to define the rules but let all stakeholders to sit around the table and establish which rules and principles to follow, independently of the context or the country in which we are implementing the solutions. So, we are making these APIs not as a part of the system or market operation but somewhere in between – something that is totally available, that you can follow the rules, wherever you are, and then just connect your platform to your system operation and vice-versa. This is the main principle of the EUniversal project.”

Luís Vale Cunha – Director of European Policies and Projects at E-REDES

The second group of presentations was focused on the ongoing and future work:


  • WP4 – Smart grid solutions for a flexible and resilient distribution system – Clara Gouveia, INESC
  • WP6 – DEMO harmonisation and monitoring – Catarina Augusto, E.DSO
  • WP7 – PT DEMO – Demonstration of the UMEI concept in the management of market driven flexibility services for a LV and MV grid – Pedro Marques, E-REDES
  • WP8 – DE DEMO – Demonstration of congestion management using market driven utilisation of flexibility options in a LV grid – Maik Staudt, MITNETZ STROM
  • WP9 – PL DEMO – Demonstration of grid observability and future networks supporting flexibility management via the UMEI – Miroslaw Matusewicz, ENERGA OPERATOR 


The final debate was centered on the recommendations and comments about the project given by the IAB members that attended the meeting.

Overall, the project work was very well received by an enthusiastic audience that longs to learn on the future developments.

1st IAB meeting 01

Congratulations on the work done so far!

Antonello Monti – Professor, Institute Director at RWTH Aachen University

Very interesting and promising project!

Donald Vanbeveren – Director of Regularisation & Strategy at FLUVIUS System Operator

I have to tell you I am really impressed by the complexity and scale of the project. Its inspiring and amazing. I am very happy that you count on the diversity, because from a geo-political point of view, from the view of different backgrounds of participating companies and countries, it is very important to take into account all the factors that are crucial. (..) several times the speakers mentioned that “one doesn’t fit all” – an important message from the project management – because I think the target is common and we are all trying to achieve the same goals (…) Now, thanks to your project, we will see that it is important for many stakeholders. You also have included achievements from other accomplished projects – a very extensive list – and that exactly the message we have received several year ago from the European Commission.

Richard Vidlicka – Member Board of Directors at E.DSO; Manager of Innovation and EU Projects at CEZ

Thank you for such a complete overview of what is happening in the project and what is to come in the upcoming periods, I am specially looking forward for the demo results.

Ruud Berndsen – Director of European Affairs at Alliander

I would like to thank you for your kind invitation and to congratulate you on the excellent organisation of the event. I was really delighted to learn about the vision and all the achievements of the project.

Georgios Boultadakis – Deputy R&D Director at European Dynamics Luxembourg

Thank you for an interesting advisory board meeting.

Peter Söderström – Head of Digital Hub at Vattenfall Distribution Nordic

Great discussion – really hope we can get together for the next meeting!

Mark McGranaghan – EPRI Fellow at EPRI Europe
Deliverable Event Presentation

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Deliverable 5.1 Identification of relevant market mechanisms for the procurement of flexibility needs and grid services

Deliverable 5.1 Identification of relevant market mechanisms for the procurement of flexibility needs and grid services

Deliverable 5.1 was produced under Work Package 5 Identification & assessment of innovative market mechanisms for DSO grid services
Deliverable 2.1 Grid flexibility services definition

Deliverable 2.1 Grid flexibility services definition

Starting from the identification of the DSO needs in different time frames, from long-term planning to real time operation, Deliverable 2.1 identifies the specification of the flexibility services to satisfy these needs.
Deliverable 3.1 Flexibility Toolbox

Deliverable 3.1 Flexibility Toolbox

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