EUniversal Workshop 2022

European project EUniversal, held its second annual workshop.

May 2022

European project EUniversal held its second annual workshop.

The objective was to inform its main stakeholders about the work that the consortium has been developing, in a hybrid session that brought together some team members at E-REDES premises in the city of Porto, while others participated remotely.

Luís Cunha, European Projects and Policies Director at E-REDES, opened the session by welcoming all those in-person, representatives of several partners of the project consortium.

Pedro Marques, project coordinator, gave a brief presentation of the EUniversal and an overview of the developments, also introducing the 3 work sessions foreseen in the agenda:

Breakout Session 1 (BS1)
Regulatory and policy issues
coordinated by Ellen Beckstedde (VLERICK)

Breakout Session 2 (BS2)
Presentation of the UMEI and its compatibility with the market platforms
coordinated by Carlos Damas Silva (E-REDES)

Breakout Session 3 (BS3)
Technical session focused on DSO tools
coordinated by Clara Gouveia (INESC TEC)

In the end, the session coordinators shared with the audience the key conclusions of the joint reflections.

If you did not have the opportunity to participate, you can watch the recording of the event (plenary session, BS1, BS2 and BS3) access the speakers’ presentations and the main conclusions of this fruitfully work sessions.


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