Summer news from EUniversal – #4 newsletter is out!

Check out this edition highlights:

  • EUniversal Workshop 2021
    The work session took place online on the 6th of July, with emphasis on the project results and achievements so far and with the discussion and exchange of ideas with other project representatives.

  • EUniversal 1st International Advisory Board meeting
    The 1st International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting of the EUniversal project was held online with more than 40 participants.
  • EUniversal at 2021 BRIDGE General Assembly
    EUniversal H2020 project was at the BRIDGE General Assembly presenting the deliverable 5.1 “Identification of relevant market mechanisms for the procurement of flexibility needs and grid services”.

  • Other news & documents
    new deliverables available for download:
    D2.1 – Grid flexibility services definition: identifies the specification of the flexibility services to satisfy these needs
    D2.2 – Business Use Cases to unlock flexibility service provision

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